Workers’ Comp

On-Demand Webinar: Controlling spiraling workers’ compensation claims costs is a prime concern – and the best approach uses speed and insight.  Join Adam Wesson, Director of Claims Solutions who will discuss that by identifying the claims that will have severity drivers as early as Day 1 – instead of Day 30 or later – you can […]

On-Demand Webinar P&C inspection services for loss control and underwriting purposes may be changing more than you think. Emerging issues and new ways to address some long standing challenges are the subject of this web seminar designed for loss control executives and underwriters. Carriers covering risks associated with properties, workers’ compensation, and other commercial lines, […]

Spotlight Webinar: Agents and underwriters frequently apply incorrect class codes that appear to fit the insured’s operations, but are not correct.  Also, workers’ compensation policies can often involve hours of research collecting and validating information.  This web seminar explains how carriers can access better information and uncover hidden exposures before writing the policy and use […]

On-Demand Product Spotlight: $1.2 billion of Workers’ Comp premium is lost each year due to incorrect business classification. Are you accurately assessing and pricing your risk?  Do you have complete and verified information, or are you relying upon insureds, agents and brokers?  This web seminar will explore how carriers use the Workers’ Compensation Advantage Report […]

On-Demand Webinar With medical treatment expenses skyrocketing, workers’ compensation claims can spiral out of control—driving claim severity and causing major damage to insurers’ bottom line. Join Adam Wesson, director of claims solutions, and Robert Lewis, president of ISO Claims Partners as they dive deeper into the subject and discuss how companies can reduce workers’ compensation claims […]

On-Demand Webinar Until now workers’ compensation policies were written based on agent submitted applications, hours of research, or priced on the fly, and all with the hope that an audit at renewal will verify key information.  This webinar explains how carriers can use the Workers’ Compensation Advantage Report to better assess workers’ compensation risk and […]

OnDemand Thursday Webinar The Workers’ Compensation Advantage Report is the first comprehensive point-of-sale report in the market. For the first time, carriers can validate information up front, including the number of employees, type of business, property details, unreported fire and gas incidents, observed occupancy-related hazards, OSHA inspections and violations, the risk potential of neighboring businesses, […]

On-Demand Webinar Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance issues continue to complicate WC and liability settlements.  The key to combating this challenge is good old-fashioned “preparation.”  Getting a handle on MSP issues before settlement discussions is very often the difference between settling a claim or keeping it open.  This session outlines practical MSP strategies to help you […]

(On Demand) A new Rhode Island law requires insurers to report liability and workers’ compensation claims to the state’s Medicaid Assistance Intercept Service (MAIS). The program will let the state intercept payments for reimbursement to Rhode Island Medicaid. Insurers can comply with the law by reporting through ISO ClaimSearch. Attend this important session to learn […]

(OnDemand) Workers’ comp claims costs continue to escalate. Regulatory requirements are calling for increasingly detailed reporting, creating a greater demand on insurers’ internal IT and claims administration resources. In this session, you’ll learn about some of the changes coming down the pipe — and how ISO can help you address the challenges. You’ll also hear […]