Internet of Things (IoT)/Telematics

On-Demand Webinar Traditional use cases of social media data analytics in P&C have focused on marketing and fraud diagnostics. However, emerging uses extend the predictive potential of social media data into areas such as risk assessment and customer lifetime value. Early movers in these areas may be poised to acquire a competitive advantage similar to the […]

(OnDemand) Here’s how you can sharpen your telematics-based insurance program: In this session, you’ll preview ISO’s soon-to-be-filed GeoMetric™ manual rule and learn how your company can construct a usage-based auto insurance (UBI) rating plan from telematics-based data that may be sparse or heterogeneous. Find out how UBI interacts with existing personal and commercial auto rating […]

(OnDemand) Is your organization in the early phases of a telematics or usage-based insurance initiative? Whether you’re clipping right along or drowning in the data, this web seminar is for you. You’ll learn about ISO’s telematics pilot, which collected driving behavior data from our own fleet of more than 600 vehicles. After analyzing data on […]

(OnDemand) You’ve probably heard a lot about using telematics devices to collect data on driving behavior for use in personal auto underwriting. But, for their own reasons, commercial fleet owners are installing more and more telematics devices. Information from those devices has great potential for the insurance industry. In this session, you’ll learn how telematics […]