(OnDemand) In October we presented our latest commercial property rating initiative, enhanced wind.  The program is set to take effect in many states in January 2013, though loss cost quotes are available now.  Whether you attended our October session or not, join us in this follow-up seminar as we delve into practical ways for you to leverage the latest […]

(OnDemand) Building code adoption and enforcement efforts can dramatically affect the way the buildings in a community behave and survive during natural disasters, fires — and everyday life. Many states have adopted building codes and instituted policies and procedures for their enforcement. Certain code editions include pivotal enhancements that can be important in determining the […]

(OnDemand) With an increasing percentage of total property losses caused by the peril of wind, insurers are looking for more detail to use in their underwriting. That’s why ISO has developed the Enhanced Wind Rating Program. For individual commercial buildings, the program reviews building characteristics and geographic and environmental factors that affect potential damage from […]

(OnDemand) In 2009, Eli Stern presented his popular web seminar Evaluating Product Liability Risk: A Loss Control Primer. In this sequel, Mr. Stern focuses on product liability exposures for manufacturers and wholesalers. You’ll learn about the main loss drivers for those classes of business, as well as key risk management programs and controls your customers […]

(On-Demand) ISO’s Building Code Enforcement Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) evaluates the building codes adopted in a community and how the community enforces them. Many insurers offer premium credits for buildings constructed in communities with favorable BCEGS gradings. So BCEGS encourages implementation and enforcement of effective building codes. In this session, you’ll learn how you can use […]

(On-Demand) The sluggish economy continued to take its toll in 2010. Efforts to jump-start the recovery led to a few tepid upticks, but the overall effect was slight and transitory. Meanwhile, property reconstruction costs held steady or fell in 2010, as home values continued to decline in many markets. In some cases, those trends caused […]

(On-Demand) Replacement cost estimates are an essential component of the underwriting process. Reliable estimates help you protect you policyholders, collect adequate premiums, and analyze your catastrophe risk. In this session, you’ll gain a better understanding of the factors that contribute to reliable replacement cost estimates. You’ll also get insights on how to improve your company’s […]