Product Spotlight Webinar: It’s expensive and time consuming for insurers to create and maintain notification systems that comply with reporting requirements—and keep up with law and regulatory changes. This effort extends beyond insureds to third parties, including DMVs and loss payees, among others. Learn more about we could help mitigate the strains on your compliance […]

OnDemand Webinar: With the fourth quarter in sight, claims payers are now focusing their efforts on settling claims by year’s end. Developing strategic claims settlement initiatives can go a long way to toward closing out claims and reducing exposure. As such, this session targets the key building blocks to creating winning settlement initiatives with special focus […]

OnDemand Webinar: Time to take control of WCMSA costs! Having a WCMSA game plan from day one is key to reducing costs. This involves understanding CMS’ landscape, spotting the cost drivers, and pushing back against CMS. In this session, Brian Cowan charts out a course for lowering WCMSA allocations, obtaining CMS approval, and getting claims […]

On-Demand Spotlight Webinar: Insurers and technology companies are gaining significant efficiencies by easily integrating Verisk’s ISO rating content, underwriting information, and claims information into their policy administration, underwriting platforms, and claims management systems. Join Mitch Bierman, director of our Strategic Alliances group, as he talks about how we work with insurers and industry-leading software, technology, and consulting […]

On-Demand Webinar: In 2015, we reported that there had been significant discussion by many in the industry about challenging results in the commercial auto market segment, including a third year of adverse prior-year reserve development. In 2016, results are still challenging, with loss ratios and prior-year development continuing to be a focus. Drawing upon ISO’s industry-leading […]

OnDemand Webinar Section 111 Reporting is at the heart of all of the changes that CMS has unveiled in 2015.  The changes, once finalized, will reset the Medicare Secondary Payer compliance landscape for 2016 and beyond.  Join Marty and Caitlin as they walk us through the changes and learn how your Section 111 reporting program […]

OnDemand Webinar Healthcare fraud has become a major problem for the insurance industry. In this presentation we’ll discuss medical fraud, waste, and abuse in all its forms. Find out how you can combat losses and hear ways to proactively prevent it. Who Should Watch: All levels of claims and claims fraud professionals and personnel, especially […]

OnDemand Webinar In this session, you’ll gain a broader understanding of Medicare Advantage (MA) lien claims, which are emerging as a hot-button issue on the Medicare compliance front. Find out what the current state of Medicare Advantage Plans is and where it’s headed. Also, find out how different states handle the Medicaid Secondary Payer issue […]

OnDemand Webinar Many states now require electronic automobile liability insurance reporting (ALIR), and many more will require it soon. The requirements differ from state to state, making it difficult, time-consuming, and costly to comply and stay competitive. You must also comply with reporting requirements for loss payee and mortgagee changes and notifications, which involve tracking, […]

On-Demand Webinar Dealing with Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) issues continues to present a number of different claims challenges. From questions of applicability, to understanding CMS’ approaches, to developing best practices, getting ahead of the MSA curve is critical to minimize your risk and reduce claims costs. This session examines critical MSA issues to better help you address […]