On-Demand Webinar: Perpetrators of insurance fraud are constantly evolving and changing their schemes to avoid detection. Fraudsters are taking advantage of new technologies to commit fraud with greater frequency, velocity, and ease. To combat this problem effectively, insurers need to get in the game and use all the technology and data available to them. The growth […]

On-Demand Webinar: Join us for a special conversation with a data analytics expert from our Claim Director team, who will dig deep into how to make investigations successful. We’ll take a look at the special skill-sets and tools that can best uncover the hidden tracks of deception.  We’ll also discuss how to manage the seemingly endless […]

On-Demand Webinar The insurance industry is becoming a bigger target of online fraud and companies are struggling with how to prevent and evade it.  Join this comprehensive webinar to learn about the top five online insurance fraud trends so you can determine where to focus your countermeasures in 2016. Hear directly from an insurer how […]

OnDemand Webinar Healthcare fraud has become a major problem for the insurance industry. In this presentation we’ll discuss medical fraud, waste, and abuse in all its forms. Find out how you can combat losses and hear ways to proactively prevent it. Who Should Watch: All levels of claims and claims fraud professionals and personnel, especially […]

OnDemand Webinar As large scale, organized insurance fraud rises, it’s become harder than ever for companies to take proactive measures to quickly detect and fight it. Do you have a robust fraud detection system that can handle the growing challenges of fraud? Find out where your company stands and discover the top 5 ways you […]