On-Demand Webinar: The commercial auto insurance market has been challenging in recent years. Industry combined ratios have exceeded 100 every year since 2011, with few signs of recovery. Insurers are looking for new techniques to improve their portfolio performance, including predictive tools and operational solutions. Telematics data, specifically in relation to driver behaviors from connected vehicles […]

On-Demand Webinar: Usage-based-insurance has started to take firm root in the auto insurance market. Can the launch of a new telematics data exchange mark the move to supplement proprietary driver data? In this session you’ll get and understanding on how OEM partnerships will boost OEM brand loyalty and drive their continued stake in connected car insurance […]

On-Demand Webinar The insurance industry is becoming a bigger target of online fraud and companies are struggling with how to prevent and evade it.  Join this comprehensive webinar to learn about the top five online insurance fraud trends so you can determine where to focus your countermeasures in 2016. Hear directly from an insurer how […]

OnDemand Webinar Insurers with usage-based insurance (UBI) programs are still trying to crack mass adoption. In this webinar, we’ll explore the cost and technology constraints of collecting UBI data and share about our groundbreaking Telematics Data Exchange™ — the first-of-its-kind data link for driving information between automakers and insurers. You’ll find out how our revolutionary […]

OnDemand Webinar Something big is on the horizon for the Commercial Auto insurance marketplace. ISO’s Commercial Auto Optional Classification Plan is due to be filed beginning in September, and insurers are keen to get an early look at the impact the new plan will have on their competitive situation and their customers’ pocketbooks. Utilizing twenty-first […]

OnDemand Webinar Many states now require electronic automobile liability insurance reporting (ALIR), and many more will require it soon. The requirements differ from state to state, making it difficult, time-consuming, and costly to comply and stay competitive. You must also comply with reporting requirements for loss payee and mortgagee changes and notifications, which involve tracking, […]

OnDemand Webinar Every hour there are 445 new driver’s licenses issued and many are to 16-year-olds. New drivers in the household are a leading source of premium leakage in the auto insurance industry. In this presentation, we’ll discuss how our unique data sets can help you reduce risks associated with undisclosed, often youthful drivers, maintain […]

OnDemand Webinar The growth of ridesharing has created new challenges for insurance because personal auto policyholders have taken on many of the risks of taxi drivers. In this session, you’ll learn about some of the risks insurers and insureds face, how ISO is responding to this emerging growth, and the latest on how legislators and regulators […]

(OnDemand) Is your organization in the early phases of a telematics or usage-based insurance initiative? Whether you’re clipping right along or drowning in the data, this web seminar is for you. You’ll learn about ISO’s telematics pilot, which collected driving behavior data from our own fleet of more than 600 vehicles. After analyzing data on […]

(OnDemand) You’ve probably heard a lot about using telematics devices to collect data on driving behavior for use in personal auto underwriting. But, for their own reasons, commercial fleet owners are installing more and more telematics devices. Information from those devices has great potential for the insurance industry. In this session, you’ll learn how telematics […]