Solving Insurance’s Problem Solving Problem, Analytically Speaking

OnDemand Webinar:

Is “more talk, less action” the key to analytic success? This webinar begins with some qualitative definitions of big versus small data, followed by a taut history of typical usage in the insurance industry. We next use select findings of a recent insurer survey to explore where some insurers have benefited and been challenged with predictive modeling and analytics. We conclude with a handful of case studies regarding ISO analytic and data solutions which leverage volume and variety to support improved decision-making. The prevailing theme of our discussion will be how premeditation and robust assumption setting can play a key role in helping data of any size realize its true potential.

Who Should Watch:
All professionals in the emerging risks field, underwriters, business development personnel, analytic types and big data enthusiasts

Presentation Date:
Monday, March 5, 2018

Jim Weiss
Director of Analytic Solutions