ISO MarketWatch


ISO MarketWatch is the insurance industry’s only commercial lines renewal rate change monitor based on data from a large sample of actual policies. (Other monitors use estimates and opinion surveys.) Also, ISO MarketWatch gives you information down to the county level of detail, all based 100 percent on actual insurance renewal pricing. This session will introduce you to ISO MarketWatch and explain what you can do with it.  

Who Should Attend:
Commercial lines actuaries and underwriters

Presentation Date:

March 26, 2012, 2:00 p.m., EST 

John BuchananJohn Buchanan
Principal, Reinsurance Division

John Buchanan is a Principal in charge of ISO’s Reinsurance Division.   He is in charge of all of ISO’s products for domestic and international reinsurers and excess operations.  Mr. Buchanan has recently joined ISO after having spent the last 12 years in charge of the Expert Center and as a frontline sign-off actuary for many domestic and international lines of business.  Prior to that he spent 15 years at a major actuarial consulting firm, attaining partnership in charge of reinsurance consulting services for domestic and international reinsurers, and various industry groups.

Don YahalomDon Yahalom
Senior Actuarial Associate
Reinsurance Products

Don Yahalom is a Senior Actuarial Associate in ISO’s Reinsurance Division. Mr. Yahalom has been responsible for creating and supporting the Reinsurance solutions that ISO offers since 2003. He joined ISO in 2002 after receiving bachelors’ degrees from Rutgers University in
Mathematics, Statistics and Economics.