Point of Claim or Point Of Pain? What Your Customers – And Your Financials – Are Really Saying

OnDemand Webinar

Most insurers consider first notice of loss a basic function of simply taking preliminary claimant information and entering it into the claims system. But that old-fashioned view can lead to profoundly negative consequences, including dissatisfied customers, undetected fraud, improper claims triaging, and longer-than-necessary cycle times. Learn how a reimagined point of claim process can help decrease cycle time, reduce expenses, and increase customer satisfaction.

Who Should Watch:
Claims managers, risk managers, SIU personnel, and fraud adjusters

Presentation Date:
Monday, March 28, 2016

Libby M Price
Point of Claims Solutions Leader
ISO ClaimSearch

Tom Mulvey
Assistant Vice President
SIU and Claim Services
Verisk Claims and Crime Analytics