The Internet of Things: Leveraging New Technologies and Data in the Fight against Insurance Fraud

On-Demand Webinar:

Perpetrators of insurance fraud are constantly evolving and changing their schemes to avoid detection. Fraudsters are taking advantage of new technologies to commit fraud with greater frequency, velocity, and ease. To combat this problem effectively, insurers need to get in the game and use all the technology and data available to them. The growth in “smart technologies” as part of our everyday lives presents some unique opportunities to access types of data the industry has never considered. From “smart” automobiles, appliances, and even wearables, insurance companies have an opportunity to leverage these new data sources to enhance the underwriting and claims process, reduce loss and expense payments, and improve customer satisfaction. One way to accomplish all of those critical C-level objectives is to use the data to improve the fight against insurance fraud.

Insurers expect the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring significant change to the industry. Strategy Meets Action research indicates that “74% of insurers plan to invest in IoT by 2016.” IoT is clearly an area of focus for the insurance industry, and special investigation units should be looking to be early adopters of the data and analytics that will become available as a result of the development of these programs within their companies. This presentation will provide an overview of IoT, the sources and types of data available to claims organizations, and use cases for the application of the data in claims handling and the SIU investigation process.

Who Should Watch:
Insurance claims personnel, including claims managers and professionals; and SIU professionals,

Presentation Date:
Monday, September 26, 2016

Dan Donovan
AVP ISO ClaimSearch Solutions
Verisk Insurance Solutions

Dawn Mortimer
AVP IoT/Telematics Leader – Claims
Verisk Insurance Solutions